Marco Pulcinelli

Hello, I'm Marco Pulcinelli, an Italian with generations of heritage, let me introduce myself.

My passion for real estate and interior design goes way back. As a hobby, even at the age of 13/14, I was already restoring and building furniture by hand with small tools in my garage.

After completing my studies, while continuing to nurture my passion for interior design, my goal was to become a real estate entrepreneur to fulfill my greatest passion: creating new buildings and customizing them with designer furnishings.

Eager to learn, I created the opportunity to work alongside two skilled brothers, one a surveyor and the other an architect, with whom I stayed for 3 years. This time allowed me to grasp significant technical expertise and construction aspects from both of them.

After this experience, I worked for another 3 years as a designer at a company that constructed industrial buildings and bridges. In this role, I was able to understand and delve into all the company dynamics, as well as get to know all the operational aspects of very large construction sites.

While working at this company, I began to build my first small villas and furnish various homes. Eventually, I decided to start my own venture and founded Geometrie Abitative. Over the course of 6 years, we designed, constructed, and sold over 40 villas and small houses. Additionally, we furnished over 200 homes in central Italy through commercial agreements with renowned Made in Italy companies.

Our work expanded into the restoration and construction of prestigious villas, both in central and northern Italy. This experience in the real estate field also led us to establish contractual agreements with globally renowned banks for the assessment and selection of significant real estate portfolios from bankruptcy procedures, including many complex real estate transactions across Italy.

Today, this diverse background and extensive experience enable us to be highly competitive and offer you:

  • Design utilizing some of the most advanced and innovative construction technologies.
  • High-end building construction and restoration.
  • Furnishing from reliable Italian design companies.
  • Beautiful properties at prices below market value.

With Italysium, you can gift yourself a piece of paradise.

Making the Italian dolce vita possible!


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