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We have always worked with real estate

Our profound technical knowledge of the industry and our continuous on-site presence enable us to offer unique opportunities, finally making them accessible. Experience is of no use if it cannot be shared: we are ready to share it with you.

The Italian market is our daily bread

With real estate portfolios throughout Italy, Italysium takes the lead in identifying genuine opportunities in every target market. Our extensive presence allows us to provide investors with privileged access to a wide and exclusive range of high-quality properties nationwide, from cities to seaside or tourist destinations.

We unlock the hidden value in real estate

Our specialization in renovation and modernization projects, including those of the most complex historic buildings, enables us to generate value from real estate. With Italysium, every property becomes an even more promising investment opportunity, thanks to our ability to transform and maximize its potential.

We plan with the most modern technologies

When we present projects built by us, we embrace the highest standards and cutting-edge technologies. We understand that true luxury goes hand in hand with sustainability and efficiency. This results in a significant reduction in operational costs, allowing you to enjoy your investment even more affordably.

Years of experience

NPL under management

Millions in a singleproject's investment

Innovative formula

THE team

Italysium is driven by passionate individuals

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