Multiply your buying opportunities


If you have ever dreamed of owning a holiday home in one of Italy’s fascinating locations but found economic barriers an obstacle, there is an alternative that could change your perception. Italysium offers you the opportunity to experience luxury holiday homes in Italy through an innovative approach: co-ownership.

Maximise the Value of Your Investment

Our co-ownership formula is designed to get the maximum value from your investment. As opposed to the traditional purchase, where you would have to buy the entire property, with Italysium you can buy a share. This means that, for the same budget, you can enjoy a holiday home whose value is much higher than your initial investment.

Imagine owning a holiday home worth ten times the price you paid. This is what Italysium offers you: beautiful properties divided into 8 shares and offered at total prices that are at least 20% lower than the market.

A truly unique opportunity to experience luxury holidays in places you might have considered out of your reach or budget.

Diversity of Choices, No Complications

But the opportunities do not end there. With the same capital you would use to buy a traditional holiday home, you can instead buy shares in several Italysium homes. This allows you to vary and discover different destinations in Italy, depending on your preferences. You can alternate between the coast and the mountains or explore other beautiful locations.

Shared Expenses, Shared Experiences

You might worry about running costs in the case of co-ownership, but there is no reason to. Expenses are shared equally between the co-owners, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the comforts and services without the financial burden of full ownership.

In conclusion, Italysium opens the door to a world of possibilities when it comes to owning a luxury holiday home in Italy. We have made accessible what once might have seemed an unattainable dream. Share this opportunity with friends and family to further expand your options and discover the beauty of Italy in an affordable way.

For more information on how to begin your journey to co-ownership with Italysium and live the Italian experience to the fullest, please contact us. Explore your options and start enjoying luxury living in one of the world’s most fascinating destinations.

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