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In the world of holiday homes, the choice between renting and owning can be crucial. In this article, we take a closer look at the Italysium co-ownership formula and compare it with the alternative of renting a prestigious holiday home.

Preserving the Value of Your Investment

Long-term renting may seem like a convenient solution, but in reality it represents an ongoing expense that could ultimately be seen as ‘wasted’ capital. Italysium co-ownership offers a different approach. Here, you invest in a share of the house, which means that your money is used more wisely. Moreover, when you decide to get out, you have the opportunity to resell your share, preserving the value of your investment. It is an opportunity to invest in long-term wealth.

Shared Living Expenses and Maintenance

In the case of renting, many of the expenses associated with the property fall entirely on you. From the maintenance required to prepare the house for your arrival, to taxes and operating expenses, every penny is on you. This means that you are paying for a house that you only use for a few weeks a year, and the rest of the time your investment seems to be wasted.

Avoiding Short-Rent Surprises

For those who opt for a hotel or a short rental, it is important to bear in mind that the prices of stays can quickly rise to thousands of euros per week. In this case, the money you spend is not an investment, but an expense that leaves you without any property.

The advantages of the Italysium Formula

In summary, the Italysium formula emerges as a winning economic, property and operational option. In addition to preserving the value of your investment, it offers a smarter solution than renting. In addition, Italysium offers premium services included, such as access to a custom-built car in every Italysium property. This means you can enjoy the benefits of luxury without the burden of management and maintenance costs.

Choosing Italysium is a decision that not only allows you to live your dream of a holiday home in Italy, but also allows you to do so in a more economically and operationally advantageous way. Invest in your future and live a luxury experience that can become a long-term asset.

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